COVID-19 has forced many of us to telecommute and stay at home for extended periods. The saying goes that people are different at work and at home, not just in terms of personality but also habits. 

So what exactly happens when we combine the two? These are 5 common outcomes when work meets home.


The Napper

There are people who work hard and people who work smart and this person has obviously perfected the latter.

They wake up on the dot to sign in to slack and then proceed to go back to sleep. But then they’ll be away on slack! Well, no they won’t because they’ve mastered the art of pretending to be online.

Notifications set to the loudest, periodic alarms to wake them up just in case, the Nappers have even found a way to keep their Slack status to always show “Online”, which we are about to link here to show how absolutely unethical it is (you’re welcome).


The Snacker

The convenience of working from home is a double edged sword. We get to avoid commuting to work and the crazy lunch hour crowd BUT snacks are also within closer proximity than ever. As this article puts it: “With great convenience comes great weight gain if you’re not careful”.

Coupled with the comfort of our homes posing an added challenge to exercising regularly, it might not be surprising that you might find some of your colleagues looking rather…different when all this is over.


The Invader

They say you never really know how someone is until you’ve lived with them. I say that you never really know how someone is until you’ve worked with them.

But it turns out that you never really know someone until you’ve worked from home with them. 

Imagine the laptop and documents sprawled all over the dining table, the TV playing Friends for “white noise”, music playing from the laptop for “entertainment”, and notifications going off non-stop.

If this sounds familiar to you, then I hope you’re not the one sitting at the dining table right now. And if it doesn’t then you’re really lucky, because otherwise you might either pull all your hair out by the end of the circuit breaker or end up in jail for manslaughter.


Everything from the bed

Some people make it a point to have a home office so that they can concentrate. Some people work in the living room so that they don’t get distracted. Then you have this person, whose bed has become their life.

Laptop, snacks, Nintendo Switch, TV remote, everything is on their bed. The only time you’ll ever see them leave their bed is to use the toilet.

On one hand, you applaud the efficiency switching between sleeping, eating, and working within seconds but you also wonder if their muscles will degenerate by the time this #circuitbreaker ends.


Everything but work

You wake up in the morning, clean up, make some tea, and sit down at the desk, all ready to work! Then you notice that tinyyy spot on your bookshelf that seems dusty, so you get up to clean before working.

BUT! It suddenly seems like you haven’t mopped the floor in a few weeks and the windows seem a little dirty and then it’s lunchtime and then you have some random errands and then it’s 6pm and all you’ve done is read one email.

But hey, at least your house is clean now 🤷🏻‍♂️


Dealing with WFH

With the way things are going, it is highly likely that telecommuting will be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. We’re not experts on this matter, so all we can do is hope that others are and that their tips can help you survive this circuit breaker!

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