Whenever we do our pitch for Kalpha, the few common question (that begs enlightenment) that is thrown at us is usually “What does Kalpha mean?” or “How did you guys come up with this name?”.

So how did it all started?

Back in June 2017, having been a stock trader/investor for the past 9 years on a personal level, I was ready to explore alternative financial instruments to better diversify my portfolio.

Then by chance, I was invited to an options trading preview seminar at Singapore Expo by a friend that is really into investments as well.

Just to interject at this juncture for people that don’t understand what exactly options is and how it works. In short, options is a derivative instrument that allows you to hedge your holdings against fluctuations in the market. In layman term, options is an “insurance mechanism” that one can employ to protect his/her ownership in their investments in the market. Although it serves as an insurance function, there are varied number of ways to profit through strategies in the options world.

Back to the topic.

The “options guru” (because I’m not certain of his credentials) exclaimed the wonders of options as the most superior financial instrument as compared to other investment vehicles. Besides claiming an easy 95% win rate on investment, he further emphasized that option requires minimal to no effort to yield results. But the finale to “wow-ing” the crowd, all in my opinion, is the whopping price tag of 5 grand for his options course. According to him, the course fee is a definite steal as the result of his course is the ever elusive – Financial Freedom – that most people will never achieve in their lifetime. He proudly profess that his course is one of those splendid choice that you have to make in this lifetime. Very convincing indeed!

Valuable Experiences Counts

Being a resourceful guy (or resource-less if you would prefer), I participated in online discussion forums and blogs as opposed to paying through my nose for his course. Most people were surprisingly helpful (at least for me) by chipping in to provide free learning resources such as E-books, golden-nuggets of advice, and investments notes.

But my most fulfilling experience yet was through a meet up with a medical professional that have been trading in options for the past 14 years. His sharings were insightful and educational where he recounted his experiences such as navigating the ups and downs of the market, and how he survived several financial crisis. The sharing session was more importantly, fun, collaborative and relevant to the current market conditions. From my personal standpoint, this is the essence of education.

Fast forward.

As a team we put together components that we find valuable as a learner. In a nutshell, Kalpha redesign how learning is conducted in real life by by incorporating social elements and genuine real life experiences. Contrasting to solely textbook knowledge imparted by “gurus” in a classroom environment. Knowledge with a superior alpha return (as we deem fit in financial terms) is what Kalpha aspire to deliver.

The rest was history.

The Kalpha Way

So you may ask, what are we trying to achieve here?

Firstly, Kalpha is a peer-to-peer mobile platform in the Edtech space where individuals can connect and meet up offline to learn and share skills, knowledge and experiences on a 1-to-1 basis.

Our common philosophy among the team members in Kalpha, or vision if you would prefer, is to make personalized learning affordable (free if possible) and universally accessible with a human touch. This is honestly a value that kept us together as team Kalpha. And a goal that drives us to wake up everyday. In the grand scheme of things for the better of humanity, we build Kalpha to bridge the disparity between people’s access to education.

By empowering individuals to share their skills, knowledge and experiences, we hope that these experiences shared will be translated to inspirations for willing learners to better themselves. And we encourage the act of giving by allowing sharers to share their knowledge for free on our platform. Likewise, we endow the ability for learners to reward their sharers after the session base on their own discretion through Kalpha.

Stay tune to our weekly update to this blog to follow us through our journey.