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Thoughts from our Kalpha community users!

Eugene Yeo (Learner), Gaming Industry

As a co-founder of Conceptsmiths, Eugene Yeo has vast experience in the design industry, which he shared with Jasmine during their session. Read about Eugene Yeo’s experience meeting with Jasmine, who is sharing about the gaming industry on Kalpha.

“Few weeks ago, I met someone via Kalpha app to learn more about the gaming industry: how the industry works and what are the skill sets required. ⁠

It was really insightful as I didn’t know much about the gaming industry prior to meeting her. I was also able to share with her about my experience in the design industry. ⁠

I’m glad that we both left the session having learnt something new from each other! All the best to her!”⁠

Zachary Chia (Sharer), Facebook Marketing

“I’ve seen many people boosting their post on Instagram and Facebook; I feel like they could be spending their money much more efficiently if they knew how to use Facebook’s Ad Manager instead of simply boosting their posts.⁠

Therefore I decided to post the Facebook ads training on Kalpha to teach people how to better track their marketing expense using social media. When I posted my Facebook ads training, Eleanor, an entrepreneur, contacted me and said she wanted to learn more about Facebook marketing. She wanted to know if using social media would help her grow her business and understand the basics of using Facebook ads.⁠

She shared her goals of her business with me, and I helped her with some strategies on how she could leverage on Facebook’s ads to help her achieve her business goals. We bounced ideas on how she could structure her marketing campaigns as well and the branding of it through her ads. Overall, the session was great as we both got to learn from each other!! ⁠

Kalpha is a great platform for meeting like-minded individuals who are interested in learning and sharing their knowledge with each other! Helping one another as a community and building on each others knowledge is always a great way to learn!”⁠

Bryan Ching (Sharer), Digital Marketing

“One of my sharings with a learner, Nicholas was about personal development and sharing on how to improve ourselves by just 1% everyday. ⁠

The Sharing Session wasn’t only one way and I learned about his current degree that he is pursuing and the skills that he is picking up while he is free. ⁠

We even discussed subjects like his ikigai, future plans, and some actionable steps he could take to take 2020 to the next level!⁠

Through my experiences with other learners and sharers, I’ve learnt many new skills and more about myself! Would like to thank Kalpha for allowing like minded individuals to connect and learn from each other 😄”⁠

Carol (Sharer), Polymer Clay Jewelry Making

Meet Carol, who’s sharing about making your own polymer clay jewelry on Kalpha but also had a fun chat with her Learner about business and advertising.⁠

“I have been looking for a platform that enables skills exchange and a chance to meet engaging individuals who are willing to engage and discuss on topics that I’m interested in (e.g media advertisements). ⁠

Upon searching, I found Kalpha online and shared my skill on creating creative polymer clay jewelry. Bryan expressed interest in this session and it was an enjoyable meeting with me sharing how to create polymer earrings and him sharing his ideas on media management and a general business mindset.”⁠

Siddharth (Sharer), Blockchain

“Sessions I have held have introduced me to a wide variety of people such as Ballaji, a director at a supply chain company who was curious to dig deeper into the technical aspects of blockchain as well as Pei Juan and her friends who wanted to use blockchain as a solution for their Polytechnic project.⁠

Working in the blockchain space has taught me that there’s a lot of people who know of its existence but not many who know much about its actual technical applications beyond buzz words like “Bitcoin” & “Cryptos”⁠.

As someone who’s passionate about Blockchain engineering and its future, it has been a personal interest of mine to get people to go beyond just knowing the buzzwords and to get them more acquainted and familiarised with the inner workings of this emerging technology. ⁠

Kalpha enables me to do exactly this and it has really simplified the essential act of knowledge sharing.⁠

I think with platforms like Google and Wikipedia, we have easy access to knowledge but Kalpha goes above and beyond this by providing direct access to people who possess this knowledge and I think that is a very powerful tool that everyone should make use of.”

Huiyan (Sharer), Artisan Bread Baking

Forget cooking studios, learn how to bake artisan bread with Huiyan!

“I’ve gotten used to sharing on Kalpha about bread making on a one-to-one basis so imagine my surprise when I received a request to do a class for three! ⁠

The session was a gift for one of the hentai games learners (I must say, what a creative idea!). It was my first time hosting three people at once and while there was a lot more preparation to be done, I had a great time! ⁠

I enjoyed it just as much as a one-to-one session. Everyone was friendly and the whole session was very interactive. There is always some waiting around to do in bread making, which is great for me and the learners to get to know each other. ⁠

Of course, I love that we also get to bond over one of my favourite subjects – bread.”⁠

Darryl Ng (Sharer), Sales

Meet Darryl Ng, who shares about sales and running online shops, amongst other things, on Kalpha.⁠ Here’s what he has to say about his Sharing Sessions with our Learners:⁠

“I met a lady who abused drugs previously & lost her job due to her poor attitude. She came to me because I had a “How to be kind” Sharing Session. Don’t ask me why I have such a session, I just wanted to spread love and kindness. ⁠

For the entire session, I simply asked her to be vulnerable with me and she began to share a lot about her past. She teared up at some points and I could really feel her sadness.

That incident really took my heart. I did my best to share with her about how she can be kind to herself and people around her.⁠

I’m thankful for Kalpha for giving me the opportunity to help & impact more people.”⁠

Kai Lin (Sharer), Muay Thai

Learn to defend yourself with the “Art of Eight Limbs”!⁠

Dealing in commodity sales by day but a martial artist by the evening, Tan Kai Lin found his love for Muay Thai when the Yellow Pages was more mainstream than Google.⁠

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, only gained international recognition from the late 20th century. Its meteoric rise coinciding with the rise of UFC, Muay Thai is characterized by its combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins in combat.

However, despite it being a combat sport, Muay Thai is also practiced for health reasons, as commodity salesperson Tan Kai Lin explains. A Muay Thai competitor in during his university days, he now practices Muay Thai as an outlet for the stress of work life and as a way to catch up with old friends from the sport.

Click on our blog post to find out more about Kai Lin and his Muay Thai journey. 

Andy Soh (Sharer), Kombucha

Read what @andy.soh has to say about his experience as a Sharer! 

“I’ve been a fan of making and drinking Kombucha for a couple of years so I put up a listing to help people kickstart their Kombucha making journey and live a healthier lifestyle from the many benefits that come with it.

I received a text via Kalpha from a Learner named Warren to enquire about my Sharing Session.

Warren and his wife were absolutely intrigued by Kombucha, reason being that they had just relocated back to Singapore from the States and the Kombucha culture there is very strong.

After chatting for abit, we finally decided on a meeting spot, date, and time. We started by getting to know and understand each other’s purpose of wanting to learn how to make Kombucha. I shared my inspiration of Kombucha making, rules of thumb to follow, and the basic ingredients required to ferment the tea.

I shared as many tips, tricks, and jargon as possible to ease them into starting their own kombucha journey.

A good class is where one gets to have hands on interactions, hence, I planned for them to make some passionfruit Kombucha to take home during the session and I’m glad they didn’t mind getting their hands dirty even though we were in a little cafe.

Frankly speaking, the Sharing Session turned out to be more fun and enjoyable than expected as I got to share my passion while making friends in the process. Warren and his wife were open and interactive and it was not awkward although it was my first time meeting them!

I truly enjoyed this and I think it is much better than what you could have from an online video or even professional class.”

Grace (Learner), Cantonese Language

Read what our Learner @fayrelove has to say about her experience on learning Cantonese from one of our Sharers!⁠

“A breath of fresh air from my daily grind at work!⁠

I’ve been meaning to learn Cantonese for quite a while now (so that I can watch TVB with ease haha), and I happened to come across a Sharer’s listing nn Kalpha – “Cantonese class – Beginners”. Since the first Sharing Session is free, and subsequent sessions at only $10, I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised at how well it went⁠

Natalie was extremely patient, thoughtful and good at expressing the little nuances in Cantonese. She’s also a very cheerful person and we had a lot of laughs throughout the session. ⁠

Her session is structured yet flexible enough to adapt to my learning speed, and I love the little nuggets of Hong Kong cultural information she slipped in too! I learnt that she’s a real linguist at heart as she’s able to speak 5 other languages besides Cantonese. I’ll definitely arrange a session with Natalie again. ⁠

Since then, I’ve also did a few sharing sessions of my own and was glad that I not only shared my knowledge, but gained much knowledge in return too!”⁠

McKing Lee (Sharer), How The Mind Works

Our Sharer @leemckingthehypnotist on his Kalpha experience as a Sharer:⁠

“I met a few learners and they are all so open to learn! On top of that, some of them had really unique things to share too. ⁠

For example, I met a girl who came from a family of tarot card readers, and another girl who runs a cafe and taught sign language! Those were interesting!⁠

When I shared how my near death experience changed me as a person, it inspired some of the learners to realize what’s important. ⁠

I’m glad that sharing about how the mind works, as well as sharing about my near death experience, is able to educate and open the minds of the learners!”⁠

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Peter Soh (Sharer), Photography

The owner of a consultancy firm on weekdays and a photographer on weekends, age is just a number for Peter, who started photography six decades ago!

At the age of 75, Peter is the owner of his own consulting company for International Business clients. He plays the role of a consultant by day that advises businesses on their development on weekdays but still finds time on the weekends to enjoy his passion, photography.

With his own studio that he uses to explore different aspects of photography, Peter has imparted his knowledge to thousands of keen students over the past decades.

Click on this blog post to find out more about Peter and what kinds of photography skills you can learn from him on Kalpha!

Mark Wong (Sharer), Magic

Instead of pursuing a psychology specialization like most psychology graduates, Mark chose Mentalism as his specialization in the field of Magic.⁠

Mentalism, the power of reading minds, seems like a supernatural power but local mentalist Mark Wong does not claim to have any such powers. Instead, he relies on psychology and showmanship (among others skills) to dish out his performances with flair and style. 

The mind reader and recent psychology graduate has been performing for over a decade and found his love for magic in his early youth. He credits being able to bring smiles to strangers’ faces as part of his motivation for pursuing this unconventional path.

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Suzana Slemat (Sharer), Sign Language

Our sharer, Suzana Slemat from, on her meeting with one of her Learners:⁠

“I met a learner, KR, via Kalpha to share more with him about sign language. The meeting point was right outside the library and after going through a few signs and sharing stories, we entered the library. ⁠

The point was to give each other instructions in non-verbal communication. Initially, we planned to do a recap and conclusion to close the session. We got so carried away in the silent activity that we spent all of the remaining time on it. ⁠

To mark the end of the session, we thanked and waved each other goodbye but actually continued our chat for another 15 minutes. We shared our views on things beyond the nature of the session’s topic. It was a great experience and I came as a sharer but left a learner.”⁠