You can usually find a device driver CD or DVD when you buy hardware devices like a printer. Basically speaking, device drivers are programs that help a physical device to run on your computer. Most device driver problems on Windows are caused by missing, corrupted or outdated drivers. It’s just one of the many reasons you should keep your device drivers up to date. No one likes tedious tasks no matter how simple the steps. After going through all of that it will be of some comfort to know that updating your device drivers has a direct impact on improving your computer’s overall performance.

Yuzu currently requires an OpenGL 4.6 capable GPU and a CPU that has high single-core performance. Yuzu is actively tested and supported on various 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux. MacOS is no longer supported due to Apple deprecating OpenGL.

If your PC and its connected devices are working properly, you probably don’t need to download drivers. When you install Windows on a computer or connect a peripheral to your PC, Windows automatically downloads and installs the appropriate drivers. Device manufacturers upload these official drivers to Windows Update so Windows can install them automatically. Any important updates are delivered via Windows Update, too.

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We would love to get back to you with a solution. We regularly post tips and tricks, along with answers to common issues related to technology. If none of the above methods resolve your problem, your USB ports might be damaged. To find out, you can take your PC to a repair store and ask them to check.

  • Ultralight laptops and low end desktops, often use an integrated graphics card that uses less power to preserve battery and shares memory with your CPU.
  • Your computer should still be able to default to basic graphics drivers for you to use, but interrupting source this process could still cause some problems with your display.
  • Windows Update won’t always give you the latest and greatest drivers.
  • It may also be because NVIDIA driver is incompatible with your system kernel, or the graphic card itself.

This solution is only for those facing this error while updating the driver, not installing the driver. If you can’t able to install the driver, you can follow the steps mentioned below. I can’t play any games on my laptop dell E6320 i7 processor with window 8. I’ve downloaded some graphic and tried it but it is not working properly. My Minecraft says i need to update my drivers in order to play it, but i have tried over and over to update and restart and it just wont work.


The implementation of port access sometimes depends on the specific make and model of the host computer . DisplayLink Manager is a native Windows app that offers quick and easy access to display and audio setting adjustment controls. Register your Brother product for free product updates and support, news about special offers, and new product announcements. And if you ever have any questions about printer drivers, you can always reach out to Brother technical support for more information.

WiFi/Bluetooth drivers disappeared and won’t install.. I’d look in your bios to see if there is an option to disable the iGPU and use only the higher end discreet card rather than switchable graphics. There may even be an option to entirely turn off switchable graphics and use only the discreet card.