Tell us about yourself!

Hello! I am Joel and I am an Actor, Singer, and Voice Coach from Singapore! 

As a Performer, I hope to create positive changes in the society through music and storytelling. 

And as a Voice Coach, I believe that everyone has a unique voice that deserves to be heard!


How did you find out about Kalpha?

I found out about Kalpha when I got to know Yoshi, who is from Kalpha, through Linkedin.


What are you sharing about on Kalpha?

I help people unlock and discover their voice in singing and speaking.


What was your motivation to delve into the world of music?

I grew up in a traditional Chinese family where emotions are not openly expressed. Hence, music and performing was my outlet to express my thoughts and feelings. Singing, in particular, became a means for me to connect with my emotions and to relate to others genuinely.

However, my journey as a singer and performer wasn’t an easy one.

I failed my very first choir audition when I was 13 years old because I couldn’t pitch at all.

I was shouted at and scolded by my neighbors and parents because I was singing “too loudly” at home.

And of course, I faced violent objections from my parents when I wanted to pursue music and singing as a career because they felt that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

Despite all that I faced, I persevered and continued to sing.

Although I eventually did get into the school choir, I struggled with reading music because I had zero music knowledge.

Driven by my passion and love for music, I taught myself Music Theory. Eventually, I was able to read the scores fluently.

Even though I obeyed my parents’ wishes to get a “proper degree,” I wanted to prove to them that I would succeed in whatever that I set my mind to.

And so, I studied hard and graduated as the Valedictorian for Psychology in Nanyang Technological University. After that, I enrolled in LASALLE College of the Arts to pursue Musical Theatre and graduated with a First Class Honors Bachelor’s degree as well.

My passion for music and singing motivated me to learn from various Voice Teachers locally and internationally. Eventually, I was awarded the Vocal Scholarship by Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS) for 2 years.

Having experienced this breakthrough, I want to help others overcome their fears and self-doubts in singing, and ultimately, find joy in expressing themselves freely.


Is what you’re sharing about related to your job?

Yes! As an Actor and Performer, the ability to express the character’s intentions and emotions using our Voice and Body is very important. Developing an awareness and understanding of how my Voice and Body works played a crucial role in my training as a Musical Theatre Performer.


What is the best thing that getting into music has done for you?

I found the courage to allow myself to be in touch with my emotions and have the confidence to express how I truly feel inside.


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when learning to sing?

The act of singing and speaking is both physical and psychological. 

Very often, the way we perceive and feel about ourselves affects our voice and how we sound.

This, in turn, colours people’s perception about us and how they treat us. 

Hence, I had to first learn to accept myself for who I am and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem before I could express myself truthfully and authentically.


What is the one misconception/stereotype about singing that people always assume?

“Supporting” the sound with your diaphragm and by pushing out the abdominal area.


To what extent is it actually true?

ZERO! Supporting the sound by pushing out the abdominal area actually causes unnecessary tension in the body, resulting in constriction and tightness in the throat while singing.


What is something that you’ve always wanted to say about but nobody ever asked?

The ability to sing is not a “god-given” talent.

Of course, there is a certain level of talent involved but in order to sing well, there is an immense amount of hard work that goes in to unlock your voice!

Your Voice is an extension of yourself and how you interact with the world. Gaining a greater awareness and understanding of your voice and body translates into confidence about yourself!


Any final shout-outs?

I’m thankful for the chance to be featured on Kalpha! 

And if you are facing any vocal issues or struggling to free your voice, do drop me a message and let me be your guide to unlock your voice!


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