Tell us about yourself!

Hello, my name is Azurah Jan! 

I’m a music creator and educator, co-founder of The Freelancers Academy, and I’m also building my personal brand on creative lifestyle. 

I enjoy reading, exercising, listening to podcasts, and riding the bike (not a bicycle)!. 

I like baby ducks/chickens and the Ducati Panigale 1199.


How did you learn of Kalpha? 

A friend told me about it because I teach music.


What are you sharing about on Kalpha? 

I share about some basics like picking up the right music instrument for you such as the piano or ukulele. I also share about my life experiences and some good practices for remote working!


What motivated you to learn or continue learning about what you are sharing about on Kalpha?

It’s something I love doing so I am naturally passionate about it plus I enjoy sharing about the possibilities of pursuing something greater than yourself!


Which area do you prefer to conduct Sessions at? 

North or online!


Why are your experiences in the music industry and life experiences something that you really want to share with others? 

I’ve seen many people doing things because of the money or it’s something their parents want them to do. 

Looking back on my path and journey, being unconventional gave me something different to offer to the community. I want people to know that it’s possible to survive and live a fulfilled life doing what is not considered the norm.


What is the best thing that you have learned from music and your entrepreneurial journey? 

It expanded my horizons not only to dive deeper into my craft but also allow me to pursue other things that complements my future endeavours for the next phase of my life.


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced? 

WOW. The naysayers and the fact that I’m a freelancer has a lot of negative connotations from the public.


What is the one misconception/stereotype about music that people always assume?

There’s no future in pursing this path in Singapore.


To what extent is it actually true? 

Uh, it’s not true at all. I mean for any profession, as long as you believe in it, add value to people, and is something you can call your own, you can excel and live a pretty amazing life on your own terms!


Please tell us some of your thoughts about Kalpha and how your Sharing Sessions went! 

I only joined when Covid started, so most of the meetings I’ve conducted have been done online.

I actually taught basic ukulele for my first Sharing Session and it was really fun! Subsequent sessions were mostly life experiences~


Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to share/say but nobody has ever asked?

I’m also a swim coach, certified open diver, aspiring speaker, Japanese enthusiasts as well as an emerging girl boss!


Any final shout-outs?

You can connect with me via my Instagram handle @azrh.j!


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