Eat Work Netflix Repeat. If that sounds boring, that’s because it is. For those who enjoy staying at home, this circuit breaker has been nothing short of a blessing. But for those that prefer the great outdoors, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing either!

With one week of working from home experience under our belt, we’ve totally got this figured out and have come up with a few things to make sure your circuit breaker days aren’t too mundane.


Add some variety to your life!

To be very honest, the few points that follow this aren’t that different from what everyone else is saying. Work right, cook and eat right, workout at home, learn something new, who doesn’t know how to do those?

But if you’re scouring social media or blindly googling for things to do, you’re very likely to be bored anyway because you’re probably not going to try any of the things you find.

And that’s because you’re missing the point. The best way to not feel bored at home is to not do the same thing every day.

Instead of looking for something to do, just…do something. It doesn’t have to be big like starting an online course or playing an instrument. Start with something small like reading a few articles or learn about something new.

And these different things don’t always have to be useful or practical or meaningful. If jumping down a wikipedia rabbit hole keeps you utterly entertained for hours, then by all means!

In fact, I’m going to leave this here in case you need some inspiration for rabbit holes to dive down into.

Netflix on Monday, Guitar on Tuesday, poke your dog on Wednesday, binge watch this guy on Thursday…you get the point.

But for more of the “normal stuff”, scroll right down!


Make sure you’re working right

It’s called work from home for a reason and for quite a sizable chunk of the day, you should be… well, working. 

Working from home is great but only if you know how to be productive and there’s one fantastic reason why you should make sure you are absolutely productive working from home.

Working from home means that your boss isn’t around and your colleagues aren’t there. If you finish your work before lunch, that means you knock off before lunch.

With all that talk about judging workers based on the work they get done instead of the hours, here’s your chance to prove that you CAN finish your work in half the time (but don’t tell your boss, of course 🙊).

If you’re looking for tips to be more productive, here’s a good article to read!


Cook for yourself!

Cooking is great for several reasons. First, we all have to eat so it kind of makes sense to cook.

But cooking also takes time, which means more of your time at home is filled and you feel less bored. It helps you burn time and forget that you’re cooped up at home with nowhere to go and unable to hang out outside and dying of utter boredom.

And of course, being able to cook is a life skill that everyone benefits from. 

Being able to make delicious but simple food from the comfort of your home is especially valuable when you’re completely exhausted from work.

If you’re looking to start somewhere easy, check out these simple foods you can make.


Workout at home

Now, we’re all eating at home, working from home, and generally staying at home. Unless you’re blessed with some really good genes, chances are you’re going to look a bit… different than before all of these started.

It’s simple to avoid that, you just have to work out at home! 

But considering that I am personally adverse to most forms of exercise since I do have good genes, this part is going to be rather short and I’m just going to leave this here.


Pick up some skills online!

An additional 2 hours a day for 5 days a week works out to be around 10 hours. These 10 hours are absolutely perfect if you want to pick up something new or relearn something old. 

Pick up something that makes your job easier, or learn something so that you can make that job switch you’ve been talking about for months. Or simply learn something you’ve always been interested in.

Now, before you go for some online courses, you might want to try out what you want to learn with some of our Sharers on Kalpha to see if you’re interested in pursuing it!


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