At the age of 75, Peter is the owner of his own consulting company for International Business clients. He plays the role of a consultant by day that advises businesses on their development on weekdays but still finds time on the weekends to enjoy his passion, photography.


With his own studio that he uses to explore different aspects of photography, Peter has imparted his knowledge to thousands of keen students over the past decades.


How did you hear of Kalpha and where do you prefer to hold your Sharing Sessions at?

I heard of it through Jaden. I host Sessions everywhere! As long as it is in Singapore, it can be indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter.


Give us a brief history about yourself

I started learning photography 60 years ago, when I was 15. I put myself through University by doing event and wedding photoshoots when I was 18. Now, I am versatile in many aspects of photography such as flash, events, and landscape photography etc.

Photography is my hobby and I manage a couple of photography clubs and charities as well.


What is one thing about photography that you want people to know about?

Photography is all about light. Once you know how to control the density and direction of lights you will be able to create beautiful photographs. 


What is the best thing you have learned in life?

That each person is different and we all have potentials that have not been exploited. It is up to each individual to learn about themselves and become better.


What is the one thing about your life that you would not change?

The people in life, especially strangers that I meet. Each person is unique and different and I don’t judge anybody.


Anything you want to say to our Learners?

I am more than happy to share my knowledge in photography with any willing Learners. I can also help develop your skills if you want to earn a side income through photography!


Peter has several listings on Kalpha for basic photography lessons and more specific photography skills such as flash photography as well.


Connect with Peter on Kalpha to learn how to take stunning photos!