How to read body language How to read body language
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How to read body language

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McKing Lee

McKing Lee

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Communication is made up of 7% the words you say, 55% of your body language and 38% from your tonality If you heard of that, you will know how important your body language is I will share with you about body language as well as how to read it the best way (in my honest opinion) as well as some dos and don'ts We will meet in a cafe or coffee shop for 2 hours where I can share some theory and we can do some practical too After all, you cannot learn body language based on theory alone Let me know if you want to meet in a pub for a drink cause, the body language of people can change according to location Do also prepare questions or a specific type of body language that you want to understand more of and we can also change the location accordingly I've done workshops before and decided to try one to one for a while

Sharing Session Outcomes

Learn general body language

Learn a type of body language of your interest

Be open minded

Develop skills of observation

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About Me

McKing Lee

McKing Lee

Member since Dec 2018
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I nearly died in my sleep. That began a life journey to me becoming a hypnotist. My Facebook: An interesting video:

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My Testimonials (13)

Azurah Jan
Azurah Jan

My perception of hypnotherapy has changed and the fact that the mind is the most powerful organ really made me realised a few things as well. Mcking is such an amazing story teller and sharer! Would follow up with him again :)

Huixian Nah
Huixian Nah

This session gave me a lot of things to think about and I truly learnt a lot! Mcking is very knowledgeable, thank you so much!