“How do I get more enquiries?” is one of the most common questions we get from Sharers. Just as a company requires marketing, so does your listing!

Whether you’re marketing yourself for a service, product, or even job application with a resume, it’s all about getting the other party interested with a small amount of information.

We’ve put together a list of common issues that seem to plague most listings and some solutions based on feedback from our Learners.

For our non-Sharers or if you’re just passing by, feel free to read on to apply these tricks to your own profile on any other platforms!


Your Kalpha Profile

The Profile Picture

Whether it is for a Tinder profile, LinkedIn profile, or Kalpha profile, putting up a good picture of yourself does wonders for your profile.

As this old but still very relevant article puts it, the picture you display is the very first impression that others have of you. It is perhaps the most important element of your “marketing” campaign to attract Learners. Your profile picture lets people know that you are real and naturally makes people trust the profile more, especially if you have multiple photos.

“But I don’t have a good picture!” Well, go and take one! It doesn’t have to be a professional photo that you spend hundreds on, just make sure that the lighting is good and your face is clearly visible. And if you’re comfortable with it, give everyone a big smile! Smiling shows openness and a willingness to connect with other people, which could prove to be the difference in attracting Learners!

If you need more tips, pick some up from this LinkedIn profile rulebook”. While we’re not a completely professional platform, there are some points that could give you ideas on a good profile picture!

Personal Information

Much like linking your LinkedIn profile in your resume, your Kalpha profile gives Learners information about yourself when they click on it from your listing.

We understand that some of you might be more cautious about including too much information about yourselves but including some basic information such as your real name, occupation, and a short bit about why you are on Kalpha goes a long way!

The point here is to give users enough information to form an idea of you so that it is easier to trust you while balancing your privacy. You don’t have to tell Learners what school you are studying at but you could say that you are a student; you could also simply tell Learners that you live in the west instead of a specific area.



Your Kalpha Listing

“The listing creation is so long” and “There’s so much to fill in!” are two of the more popular lines we’ve heard regarding Kalpha’s listing creation; it is fully intentional that we have made it that way.

When you apply for a job, one of the most important things is your resume. It is the reason why people spend hundreds for professionals to vet their resume so that they can stand out among the other applicants.

Similarly, your listing is like your resume and convincing someone that you’ve never met to learn from you requires effort, especially so for the more competitive categories such as music. A listing with a photo of the Sharer in action would definitely be more appealing than one with a stock photo.


Listing Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words and like the profile picture, the listing picture plays a huge role in convincing Learners. It is the reason why companies put in so much money to get the perfect graphic or picture for their marketing campaigns. 

The ideal listing picture is one where you are partaking in the activity that you are sharing about (especially for travel and career sharing). It is a sort of “proof” that you have actually experienced what you are Sharing about and builds credibility. But since these photos are not as easy to take, there are some other pictures that Learners have responded well to.

Pictures of your finished product are great if you are sharing about cooking, baking, crafts etc. while pictures showing off your achievements would do well if you are sharing about sports, finance, and music.

Try not to use stock photos or unrelated photos that don’t tell Learners anything about yourself and do make sure that your photo is clear!

Session Description

We’ve intentionally kept this section a little long so that Sharers can write more about their experiences and list some of their most notable achievements.

This isn’t actually a resume, so please feel free to write a short story about your experiences in the subject of your sharing. Writing about your motivation or inspiration regarding what you are Sharing is a great way to keep Learners interested while letting them know how many years of experience you have are good ways to build credibility.

Of course, listing awards and achievements could be a double-edged sword. Awards or competition achievements don’t only show your skills, they also show that you are serious about what you are sharing about. 

However, a profile with 20 achievements might actually seem less trustworthy than one with 2 or 3. Pick out the achievements that you are most proud of or want to showcase and put them up.


Life, is Marketing

Being able to market yourself is a life skill, and isn’t just related to selling a product or promoting a service.

In addition to sharing your skills on Kalpha, treat the process of attracting Learners as a learning opportunity to learn how to market yourself. Sure, it takes effort, but the skill you develop could help you in your life down the road.

If you’re not getting enquiries, try changing something up like your profile picture, your title, or your session description. Once you’ve found out how to market to your audience, you can apply it anywhere in your life, especially when writing a resume!

What are you waiting for? Log on to your Kalpha app and start learning to market yourself now!




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