As age catches up to us, dinner table topics tend to go two ways, a life discussion or a complaints session.

Our closest friends tend to become our outlet for complaining about our job or family issues. And as is tradition, the job quitting conversation officially starts with that friend talking about quitting their job since before TikTok was a thing. 

SOP dictates that the conversation quickly descends into some employer bashing and complaints about the job market. Then, as quickly as it was brought up, the topic abruptly changes to some other adulting problem and the job quitting conversation hibernates til the next meeting.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because life starts to suck as you get older. 

But in all seriousness, it’s always good to have an outlet to rant so that we don’t go crazy. You could probably never rant to your parents unless you want to attend module Back in My Day 208: Young people are not hungry enough.

That being said, self-awareness is a very important quality, and it might be time to evaluate whether the time is ripe for you to really just quit your job instead of just endlessly talking about it when…


Your friends want to punch you in the face

Sometimes, people need a push or a catalyst to do something. And your friends wonder if that catalyst might be a smack in the face so that you actually quit your job.

While it’s healthy to have an outlet to release steam, complaining about the same problem over and over again has negative long term effects on your emotional health. And in severe cases, might even have an effect on your physical health!

The short term alleviation of negativity from complaining might have made you forget about how long you’ve actually been unhappy at your job. 

So instead of spiraling into negativity, why not spend the time seriously considering whether it’s time to move to greener pastures?


It’s not you, it’s them

If you’ve been terribly unhappy at your job or been complaining about it forever, then this is the most important thing to consider.

Is your manager really giving you too much work or are you just procrastinating too much? Is the work environment toxic or are you part of the problem too? Do your colleagues really have something against you or are you the actual problem?

Self-criticism is something that few people are adept at, simply because it’s difficult to acknowledge that you might be the problem. People often choose to deflect the blame to something external because if the problem is something they cannot control, then they don’t have to change themselves.

If you are the problem, then you’ll never be happy at any job. You should probably look into working on yourself and identifying what it is about you that doesn’t work at your workplace before you even consider moving jobs.

But if you’ve gone through this process and realized that the issue really isn’t you, then it’s time to pack it up and just quit your job!


Starvation is motivation

Necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case, is the mother of aggressive job hunting as well.

Now, of course there are some circumstances where you can’t just hand in a letter and leave. But a significant reason why people don’t really commit to finding a new job is that they already have a job.

Job hunting requires research, dedication, and networking, all of which are absolutely exhausting if you’re going to do it AFTER finishing your 8-5 job.

You need to update your outdated resume, browse job sites, have coffee chats with your network, attend interviews etc. (which you’ll have to try to go for without your current boss finding out); things that you might not have the motivation to do after a long day or cannot adjust your schedule to accommodate.

And by the time you think about all these things that you have to do, you’ve decided to just binge watch some K drama on Netflix instead.


Now is there a way where you can have the time to job-hunt full time and also be motivated enough to actively look for one? Well, yes. You can just quit your job.

As we’ve mentioned above, a great motivator is necessity. Not having a steady monthly income can be that push you need to look for a new job.

What does this mean? It means that perhaps the best way for you to finally change jobs is by quitting your current job without another one lined up.

Coupled with the time you’ve freed up from not actually having a job, the “perfect” marriage of a dwindling bank account and having all the time in the world might just be that fantastic catalyst you need to start looking for that new job you’ve wanted.


Your network is your net worth

As much as your abilities should be what you are judged on, having a wide network plays an important part in landing jobs that you want. 

If LinkedIn is a daunting place for you, why not start networking on a platform where people are already on to share their experiences and knowledge? 

Our Kalpha Sharers are people who have listed themselves and all you have to do is send them a message to connect with them! 

With all of them from vastly different backgrounds, you’re bound to find someone on our platform that you can relate to and have a casual chat with!


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