Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, only gained international recognition from the late 20th century. Its meteoric rise coinciding with the rise of UFC, Muay Thai is characterized by its combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins in combat.

However, despite it being a combat sport, Muay Thai is also practiced for health reasons, as commodity salesperson Tan Kai Lin explains. A Muay Thai competitor in during his university days, he now practices Muay Thai as an outlet for the stress of work life and as a way to catch up with old friends from the sport.


Hey! Do give us a brief introduction of yourself

I’ve been a martial arts enthusiast since I was a kid and I wanted to learn the most effective striking martial art. When I was 15, I found Muay Thai and began practicing; I found my first Muay Thai school on the Yellow Pages, super old school. Then during my university days, I competed in Thailand, SIngapore, and even the UK.

After graduating, I started working as a commodities broker and currently, I am in commodity sales. I still practice Muay Thai as I take solace in it after work, which can be a bit much at times. I also use the practice as a chance to catch up with my old training partners and stay sharp.


What motivated to continue practicing Muay Thai even after graduation?

Other than being obsessed with the sport, I enjoy training my friends and now, I figured why not share what I know with more people through Kalpha and other methods. 


How did you learn of Kalpha?

A friend suggested it to me.


What do you like about Kalpha?

The interface and color scheme is good, it gives me a very refreshing feel every time I open the app. I also like that the Sharers are not too commercialized and it somewhat feels like a sharing community.


Which area do you prefer to conduct Sharing Sessions at?



What is the last thing you learned and did you enjoy learning them?

Formally, an advanced Excel course.

Informally, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu from a friend.

I loved learning those.


What is the best thing you have learned in life?

Change is the only constant and life is about your adaptability and resourcefulness


What is the one thing you would not change about your life?

The way I am. Everyone should live their lives on their own terms


What is the best thing that practicing Muay Thai has done for you?

Muay Thai taught me that I am as dangerous as my mind believes and knowing this allows me to be calm in tense situations.

Another thing would be that practicing Muay Thai has taught me humility, respect, and discipline. 



On Muay Thai:

What is one stereotype about Muay Thai that is true, and to what extent is it true?

Typical stereotype is that Muay Thai is an Ah Beng sport, which I don’t deny haha. 

It’s true to a certain extent, Bengs think that they have a point to prove and want to be tough. However, there is a growing number of female practitioners and gender wise, Muay Thai is the most inclusive sport to date.

This article here should give you a better idea.


What is one stereotype about Muay Thai that is untrue, and how did this stereotype come to exist?

Most people think they need to have a certain fitness level to start learning Muay Thai but they don’t. Everyone starts from somewhere.

The prize fighting nature of the sport makes it seem like you have to be super fit to do it but there are different training methods for different individuals who want different things out of practicing Muay Thai.


What got you obsessed with teaching Muay Thai?

I feel a great sense of achievement when I see my students living healthier lives.


Why is Muay something that people should learn and where should they go for resources for it?

Muay Thai is excellent for self defense. It is also a great sport to pick up for health reasons and can help achieve specific health goals. For example, its intensity aids rapid fat loss.

There are many free online resources so its not difficult to pick up on your own but they can always come to me for a lesson.



Kai Lin tailors his lessons to fit each individual Learner, so whether you are a beginner who wants to pick up Muay Thai for health reasons or a seasoned practitioner looking for a sparring partner or trainer, there’s a program for anyone and everyone!

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