Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 2018-11-16T00:32:13+00:00


  • What is Kalpha?

Kalpha is a peer to peer mobile platform where individuals can connect and meet up to learn and share any skills, knowledge and experiences on a 1-to-1 basis.

  • Can I be a learner and sharer at the same time?

Yes, Kalpha accounts are generic and it allows you to be both a learner and sharer simultaneously.

  • Are sharing sessions on a 1-to-1 or group classes basis?

Kalpha focuses strongly on a 1-to-1 model as to do away with the current traditional classroom environment learning.

  • How do I know if the person behind the profile is legitimate?

Do read the profile of the person you are engaging with before arranging a session. You should judge base the person’s photo, name (instead of online alias), country of origin and his/her personal description.

  • How are payments and cancellations managed by Kalpha?

Currently, learners are to make payment to sharers via their own means. Subsequently, Kalpha will be launching the function to allow learners to make payment electronically through the app via their debit/card cards.

  • What is Kalpha’s “Cheers” feature all about?

“Cheers” is a short and simple way to associate a member to a key positive trait(s). Both learner and sharer get to upvote each other after every successful session. This feature will be released soon.

As a Learner

  • Does it cost me anything to learn using Kalpha?

No! It’s absolutely free to be a learner on Kalpha!

  • How do I know if the sharer and sharing session is of good quality?

Kalpha’s mission as a platform is to enable individuals to share his/her knowledge on goodwill. Quality of the sessions will not be compromised as testimonials and cheers are regulated by Kalpha.

You can select sharers based on information provided on the listings such as session description, profile of sharer, and from chatting with the sharer using the in-app chat function.

  • What should I do if I am unsatisfied with my sharing session?

We will be launching the feature to allow you to write a testimonial for the sharer to provide factual feedbacks for future learners’ reference. If you have any further concerns, you can drop us a note so that we can resolve your queries.

  • There are recent trends of e-commerce scams. How do I protect myself from such scams?

Kalpha regulates its platform by consistently checking contents posted by users. When the function is ready, we also encourage any transactions to be done electronically through Kalpha’s mobile platform to protect yourself as payments will only be released to the sharers after both parties have confirmed their attendance at the end of each session.

As a Sharer

  • How can I qualify as a sharer?

At Kalpha, we believe that non-certified professionals are qualified to share their skills, knowledge and experiences as well. Passionate individuals adept with a particular skill or knowledge are more than welcome to share.

You do not need to submit any proof of certification to Kalpha. Hence, you should elaborate on your real-life experiences and expertises in your profile and sharing session listing(s).

  • Does it cost me anything to list sharing sessions on Kalpha?

No! You can list as many sessions as you want on Kalpha for free!

  • Why are sharing session fees capped at $80?

Kalpha wish to build an affordable platform to all walks of life where one can obtain information, knowledge and skills at a considerably lower cost as compared to alternative face-to-face learning platforms.  

We encourage you to share your experiences, knowledge and skills at an affordable rate (below $80) or even FREE to spread the love and give back to society.