Tell us about yourself!

I’m an English Specialist and I’ve been coaching people on how to speak their way to success for 13 years. 

I was born in Australia and I spent some time living in the UK and the US before settling in Singapore!

My job is like that of a microphone, I want to open up peoples’ voices to the world. I share about how to have unstoppable confidence in your English skills and use it to progress in your career and life.


How did you find out about Kalpha?

One of my students was a Kalpha Learner. She introduced the platform to me in one of our classes as a place to meet and help people like her.


What are you sharing about on Kalpha?

I’m sharing about the one key thing no textbook or teacher tells you when you learn English at school: HOW to speak.

In short, it’s going from FEAR to CLEAR.

The easy simple method of how to communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently in English.

How to conquer your fear of needing big words and making grammar mistakes, to be the fluent English speaker you want to be.


What motivated you to start sharing about how to speak English on Kalpha?

When I first moved to Singapore, I realised so many people were losing opportunities in their careers and lives because of their English-speaking skills and lack of confidence caused by a simple knowledge gap.

Another factor is that learning how to learn to speak a language is really not difficult.

Similar to cooking any delicious recipe, there are two parts, the key ingredients, for languages they are the words and grammar, plus the method, the formula for success. That is where the secret lies to speak your way to success.

This is what I share with English learners from all over the world.


What is the best thing about discovering and sharing with others the way to English speaking success?

For me, it’s all the lives I have transformed and the people from all different cultures that I have met. I have lost count of how many different nationalities I’ve helped and I’m thankful to each and every one of them.


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced? 

Reinventing my skill set from employee to solopreneur has been the biggest hurdle. I needed to learn from scratch how to share my passion with the world.


What is the one misconception/stereotype about speaking a language that people always assume?

Everyone always believes that they need more vocabulary and perfect grammar to communicate clearly and be fluent.


To what extent is it actually true?

To many of my students’ surprise, it’s not true at all.

Unfortunately, many people believe that’s the only way.

I teach learners the method of how to speak English in a clear, easy, and simple way. You can progress in a very short time. Often, a noticeable change happens in the first session.


Where do you conduct your sessions?

My sessions are held either in my home near Buona Vista Mrt or online. 

With the convenience and recent popularity of online learning, many of my students now prefer online classes. I see that to be the way of the future.


Please tell us how one of your Sharing Sessions went!

Recently I had a session with a fellow Kalpha sharer who found me through the app.

Discussing and reflecting on his sharing experience using Kalpha, as an ice-breaking first speaking topic, was an unusual way to kickstart working together. We both commented on how unique it was and how we were glad to have found each other in such a fun way. I’m still coaching and guiding him to  English speaking success.


Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to share/say but nobody has ever asked?

A philosophy to live by………..Learn for Life!

Life to me is a continuous learning experience. We are all teachers for each other. One of the most memorable ways to learn is to be taught by someone who deep down inside wants to share something with you, no matter if it is their profession or hobby. Kalpha is the perfect platform to find passionate people doing just that.


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