Crafting the perfect resume is tough, you want to include all relevant experiences, education, skills, knowledge etc. but you’ve also heard that employers don’t read long resumes. How then, should you approach writing a good resume?

Filling in your Kalpha profile and creating a listing is tough as well. You have to convince Learners to enquire about your Sharing Session based on a limited amount of information that you provide and there might be 5 other Sharers who are sharing about the same thing. How then, should you go about creating your listing on Kalpha?

Well, it turns out that there are huge similarities in creating a listing on Kalpha and crafting the perfect resume (Wow! Who could’ve guessed?). 

We’ve mentioned that crafting a good Kalpha profile is a great learning opportunity to learn to market yourself, so let’s take it one level higher and apply it to a professional setting!


Getting Started

A good resume, like a good Kalpha listing, is 3 things: concise, convincing, and complete. It must give your audience information about yourself, persuade your audience to meet you, and give your audience a good idea of who you are.

Your audience has likely never met you in their life and hence knows nothing about you. All they have to go on is what you provide them with and it’s ENTIRELY on you to provide them with that information.

A highly important point is to realize that crafting a good resume or good Kalpha listing requires some effort on your part BUT is actually worth it!

If you’re charging Learners $50 per Sharing Session, you can’t spend 30 seconds on creating a listing and expect 20 Learners right away.

Similarly, if you’re going for that dream job, you can’t use a resume builder’s template expect the hiring manager to be impressed!

Personal Information

One of the greatest platforms of the 21st century has to be LinkedIn. Why? Because it allows you include an entire page of information in your resume by simply adding the link to your LinkedIn profile.

With one click of the button, you can lead potential employers to a page of your skills, accomplishments, and even a short essay about yourself, which is kind of like…our Kalpha profile page!

We ALWAYS emphasize the importance of the Kalpha profile page to our Sharers. It gives Learners information about you, which is important as the person behind the Sharing Session is as important as the Sharing Session itself. Likewise, use your LinkedIn profile to write a story about your motivations, personal interests, hobbies etc.

Similarly, companies seek out people who are not only good at their jobs but those who are able to fit into their culture. While the interview is where most of that assessment happens, your LinkedIn profile can be the place where they first find out more about you!

Lead employers to a LinkedIn page that isn’t simply a copy of your resume, otherwise it would be pointless. If you are having trouble filling in your LinkedIn profile, this is a pretty decent guide.

And while we do not allow users to include their contact information in their Kalpha profile, feel free to include your contact information in your resume so that your potential employers have the means to contact you!



By adding a link that basically replaces the need for personal details in your resume, it frees up some real estate for you to work with. However, it is important not to waste your space.

Unlike a Kalpha listing, there are several ways to structure your resume, depending on the type of job you are applying for and the kind of information that you are putting into your resume.

For example, a chronological resume is what most people have but if you are going for that dream job that you have worked extremely hard towards, a targeted resume might serve you best.

And unlike your Kalpha listing, since the average reviewer only spends little more than a few seconds reading resumes, it is not quite feasible to write a short story.

Resumes, naturally, have to be broken down into point form and every single line on your resume should be there for only one reason: to get you an interview.


Work Experience

Perhaps the most important part in crafting the perfect resume, this is also the part where the most mistakes happen; under elaborating, over elaborating, inconsistent fonts, same font size throughout etc., the list is quite endless.

In general, the work experience section should showcase your most relevant experiences and be easy to read.

For the most part, the former is simple. The standard way, if done well, is more than sufficient to convey your message. If the firms that you have worked at are not big-name firms that people know of by name, it might be a good idea to include a one-liner about the firm’s primary business. After that, just bear in mind that you should explain your work and achievements in the least number of words possible.

The real problem, however, is that no reviewer wants to read through the entire resume to find what they’re looking for, if they don’t find it in a few seconds, they’re going to move on.

So, it is very important to help the reviewer focus on the most important points of your resume. Lead the reviewer to your most relevant jobs and experiences by bolding the words and using bigger fonts so that they stand out.



This part is the easy part, just don’t include your honors unless you’re sure that you’re going to be graduating with them and please DO NOT include your Primary and Secondary school. Bluntly put, no one cares about your Primary school achievements…

Practice on Kalpha

To learn, you have to practice. And we can help you with that! As we’ve mentioned, creating a Kalpha listing is basically like creating a resume, except that you present your experiences and skills in a short write-up instead of in points.

When you’re getting enquiries consistently with a good session description, you’ll know that you have gotten a good grasp at selling yourself.

Furthermore, we have several experienced Sharers who have resume writing listings, so log on to your Kalpha app and start crafting the perfect resume now!






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