If necessity is the mother of invention, then boredom must be the mother of creativity. With food supplies flying off the shelves and technology keeping us all connected, we’ve all been able to keep ourselves busy during this circuit breaker period.

Here are some of the “professions” that this circuit breaker has created!


Circuit Baker

With the time saved on traveling to and from work, there’s probably about 2 extra hours in everybody’s lives. Which means…everybody is making strawberry hearts and burnt cheesecakes (obviously).

Baking essentials like sugar, flour, and vanilla essences are flying off the shelves at supermarkets, so it’s probably what 80% of the population is doing with their extra time.

While all the additional calories might weigh heavy on some, we certainly wouldn’t mind a flood of bakers coming on Kalpha to impart their newfound skills 😉


Home MasterChef

If baking is not your thing, then perhaps cooking might be! 

With hordes of people lining up at supermarkets to buy ingredients, surely there will be some who uncover some cooking talent. Or at the very least, cook something up and post it on Insta.

But whether it’s a simple aglio olio or some grilled cheese, there is a certain enjoyment in making your own food. And with the circuit breaker leaving everyone stuck at home, it seems like everyone is channeling their inner Martin Yan and picking up some basic cooking skills!


Platinum Foodie

There are those who bake, those who cook, and then there are those who order. 

With three meals (four if you add supper) a day, it’s no wonder that food delivery services are getting swamped. 

And with that many orders a day, I’m sure Grab has been enjoying the increase in platinum users during this circuit breaker!



Armchair Critic

Another company that has benefited from the global lock-down is Netflix. 

Some people are enjoying a much needed break and binging on Netflix honestly isn’t that bad a way to relax. 

And when you watch movies, you usually have something to say about them. And what better place to let everyone know about the latest movie that you’ve watched than posting an Insta story about it?


The Fittest People Ever

Apparently, when people are bored, they exercise.

It seems like the fitness bug has managed to adapt and improvise from the closure of gyms and fitness centres. It has infiltrated the homes of roughly 50% of people (based on my Insta). 

Personal workouts, workout challenges, live workout classes, it’s a great thing that people are keeping busy AND keeping healthy!


The Unfittest People Ever

If we have around half of the population being fitter than they have ever been in their lives, what about the other half? 

Well, judging from the food and desserts that occupy the other 50% on Insta, I’d say exercise isn’t really their thing 😂

And there’s nothing wrong with it! Exercise is painful and torturous! Although, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to exercise a little bit, considering all the lack of movement that most of us are experiencing…


A Sovereign

Because what else could be better? 🤷🏻‍♂️



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