One Of The Best Teachers In Life Are Your… Pets!

Research have shown that besides being cute, cuddly and adorable companions, pets have an uncanny ability to teach us human beings certain moral attributes better than any other person can. As a pet owner for the most parts of my life, I can agree with absolute confidence on this point. Since I can remember, I

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The Universal Art Of Attraction With Your Body

Imagine a meeting a stranger. Average looking. After interacting with him/her for 5 mins you are intrigued by this person. 15 mins into the conversation, you are captivated with almost anything he/she shares. Internally you have already deemed him/her a “friend”. An hour later, you are infatuated and request the person to stay in touch.

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Your Career is Your Own, Not Your Parent’s

I wish to be a... but my parents...   Question. If you have proved your parents wrong by making your own choices.. Are you right? And should they be happy for you?    I would make a blanket statement that globally (especially so for Asians), one would deem occupations such as doctors, engineers, politicians and

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No More Games, It Is Strictly Business. What’s Happening?

Mom: Time for dinner son!   Son: I’ll be done in 5 mins! Just one last game!   I'm positive that most kids (or adults) can relate to this.    On a personal level, I was nurtured to have a love-hate relationship to video games. During my adolescence years, growing up in a traditional family,

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Dummies Guide To Build Your Web Cred.

Technology has indeed come a long way throughout the years. No doubt we’re still in the works of making teleportation machines and interstellar travels a reality. However humanity have definitely advanced towards modern day convenience. Escrow payment is one of the numerous conspicuous leap in technological evolution. Think about the last time you’ve made an

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When 2 Polarizing Mode Of Learning Converge

Which is a better?   Yes, it is the argument between traditional offline learning, and the “new normal” form of learning online.    When we define conventional offline learning, it emcompasses learning in a physical classroom environment and private tuitions. And the routine to go to a designated place to learn. Contrastingly, thanks to the

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Why Most Ideas Stay As IDEAS

The Inspiration   I led a pretty monotonous life during my university days in Australia. Its pretty much a discipline routine of eating, sleeping and mugging.    My reward-to-self during my study breaks are spent binge watching MasterChef Australia. In fact, I watched all 6 seasons throughout my 2 years as an undergraduate.    Hence,

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The Ultimate Value Creation

Warning: This article contains plenty of jargons, lingos and neologism (Yes, it started already).   One of the most controversial buzzword in the 21st century is the Sharing Economy. It is no doubt due to the rise of technological startups that have achieved unicorn-status in a lightning-speed fashion that have sparked the debate on its

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