Hypnosis: It’s All in Your Mind

Having gone through a near-death experience at the age of 20, McKing pulled himself out of depression through the use of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Despite being portrayed as mind control (especially in Hollywood films), hypnosis is a state of trance where people are in a state of increased awareness. Explaining that hypnosis

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The Mind is Magic

Mentalism, the power of reading minds, seems like a supernatural power but local mentalist Mark Wong does not claim to have any such powers. Instead, he relies on psychology and showmanship (among others skills) to dish out his performances with flair and style.  The mind reader and recent psychology graduate has been performing for over

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Sign Language: Speaking to The Deaf

While most Ngee Ann Poly students will remember them for their pizza bombs, Puzzles cafe was an initiative co-founded by Ms Suzana Slemat for a purpose that few might know about. Together with her friend from secondary school, Ms Shazlina Sulaiman, the idea of Puzzles was to raise awareness for the Deaf community and provide

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The New Way to Get Rich: Digital Marketing

Just kidding, but digital marketing is becoming one of the most sought-after jobs in the age of increasing digitization. With every app, website, and company seeking out ways to reach consumers online and/or spread brand awareness, digital marketing is one of those positions that every firm requires. In our first post by a guest blogger

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Compound Interest: The simplest way to get rich

The financial sector is one that has garnered much occupational prestige over the last few decades. While it has and can be argued that much of this prestige is misattributed, it remains one of the most difficult industries to enter and its products seem unnecessarily confusing and complex. For myself, the sheer amount of information

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One Of The Best Teachers In Life Are Your… Pets!

Research has shown that besides being cute, cuddly and adorable companions, pets have an uncanny ability to teach human beings certain moral attributes better than any other person can. I have been a oet owner for most of my life and can boldly claim, with almost absolute confidence, that my pets have taught me certain

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The Universal Art Of Attraction With Your Body

Imagine a meeting a stranger. Average looking. After interacting with him/her for 5 mins you are intrigued by this person. 15 mins into the conversation, you are captivated with almost anything he/she shares. Internally you have already deemed him/her a “friend”. An hour later, you are infatuated and request the person to stay in touch.

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