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An ecosystem where everyone is empowered to share and learn all forms of skills, knowledge and real-life experiences. We’ve built an amazing mobile platform where anyone and everyone can discover, connect and meetup on a 1-to-1 and face-to-face basis to learn/share from one another. Sharing sessions on Kalpha can be arranged at the Learners’ and Sharers’ convenienceanywhere and anytime. 

And that’s the FUN Kalpha way we are talking about!

Willing Learner, Willing Sharer

At Kalpha, we focus on an experiential and organic learning format! And definitely NOT the Sharer’s certification. We are certain that everyone has something to learn/share from other like-minded individuals. 

We strongly believe that education/learning should never break the bank! Hence, we’ve capped all Sharing Sessions at S$80! And it goes without saying that we encourage passionate individuals, community groups and experts at their own discipline to share what they know for FREE!

It’s an open secret that the successful people never stop learning.

It’s YOU-specific where all queries are directly addressed.

Sharing sessions are flexible in terms of time and venue.

Joseph Joubert, a famous moralist quoted: “To teach is to learn twice”.

Earn through fees or token of appreciation from your learners.

Your online presence may just elevate you to the next level in life.

We’d appreciate your opinions

Shout out to us at hello@kalpha.io for any knotty questions, burning enquiries, technical difficulties, interest for partnership, and even compliments. Or simply write a message with the contact form below and expect a jiffy response from us.

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