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Welcome to Kalpha, a community platform where everyone is empowered to teach and learn skills, knowledge and real-life experiences. We’ve built a mobile application network where people can connect and learn anything on a 1-to-1 and face-to-face basis from one another. Sharing sessions can be arranged anywhere and anytime between learners and sharers.

The most important aspect that we bring to you is the quality of the sharing sessions, not the sharer’s qualifications. Furthermore, we ensure that it’s budget-friendly by capping sharing session prices and encourage people to share their knowledge and skills for free if possible. Learners have the option to reward their sharers based on their own discretion after every successful sharing session concludes.

It’s an open secret that the most successful people never stop learning. Discover a better version of yourself by picking up a new skill or master an existing one from individuals with real experiences that works. 

Arguably the most efficient and effective way to learn is through face-to-face and 1-to-1 basis. By communicating in real-time, one often achieves deeper understanding of knowledge. It’s YOU-specific where all queries are directly addressed.

Achieve a work-learn-life balance by learning only to your convenience. Sharing sessions are flexible in terms of time and venue where you can arrange with the other party to fit to your schedule.

Joseph Joubert, a famous French moralist quoted: “To teach is to learn twice”. We completely agree that it’s mutually beneficial. Hone your skills and knowledge by sharing them with those eager souls around.

Active sharers can easily build another stream of income simply by connecting and sharing your experiences in the community. Earn through fees or token of appreciation from learners.

Establish your portfolio by interacting and acquiring testimonials, credibility points and cheers from other users. Your online presence may just elevate you to the next level in life.

In-App Chat

Communicate in real time before meeting up

Price Cap

Sharing session are from FREE up to 80 SGD


Reward sharers without any obligations

Kalpha Points

Establish credibility of users

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Shout out to us at hello@kalpha.io for any knotty questions, burning enquiries, technical difficulties, interest for partnership, and even compliments. Or simply write a message with the contact form below and expect a jiffy response from us.

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